Swedish Pharma is always in search for promising strategic partnership agreements to improve the quality of our own project portfolio or contribute to others. We are interested in collaborating with academia and industry actors in further vertical research and/or commercial projects. Our approach to different collaboration models is pragmatic and we invite open enquiries.

Through the dynamic properties of our patch, our technology could serve as an ideal fit for pharmaceutical companies who are in need of novel methods to deliver medical compounds with increased efficacy and less patient discomfort. Similarly Swedish Pharma could help wound care companies who are in need of advanced adhesives to improve and expand existing product lines.

Our team possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of bioadhesives, patch-based drug delivery systems, drug design and computational chemistry. If required, we can optimize the delivery of your substance and assist or co-develop new products through the alteration of molecular structures and arrange for synthesis, testing and patenting of new substances.

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